About The Author

Hello Everybody, I'm S.L. Michaels, and I wrote The Synesthete.

Growing up in the 90's, I loved reading. Taking trips to the library was better than going to Disney World.  My favorite books were the entire series of The Classics of Wishbone.  Frankenstein and The Odyssey was my favorite. 

After a tragic heartbreak in 2011, I turned to writing when a night-in with my family watching the movie Inception motivated me to write. Inspired , I took to writing Inception Fan-Fiction and from there my passion for writing has only continued to grow.

I love story telling. I love crafting new ways for a couple to get together, what are their obstacles going to be, and how are they going to over come those obstacles so that they can be together

​I live a quiet life in the forests of North East Florida, with my three-old-son.

Nothing means more to me than my family and I cherishes every moment spent with them.

You can find me on YouTube at my channel 'write on'.